I think surrounding myself with very talented musicians got me to where I am today. I began my first band in 2017 called ElephantTalk, which was a Progressive Rock band (you can find us on all streaming platforms if interested). However, when I started attending Berklee College of Music, the band started slowing down and I began collaborating with new people. Once Coronavirus hit however, that all went down the drain and I thought to myself "Maybe write your own music!". So I did just that. While working on my own music starting in March of 2020, I was able to release my first single "Alive" that is on all streaming platformsI'm working on releasing another single with a much different sound, and an EP soon after. Of course Coronavirus is a tragedy, but I am thankful that it pushed me to write my own material and put it out there for everyone to hear. 

Ava on stage with her band performing at The Lilypad in Cambridge, MA.

My Story

Since I first sat behind a drum set at the age of three, my passion for music was born. I would "sing" around the house, as my parents' ears would bleed. It was actually a joke that they really thought I wouldn't turn out to be a singer with how bad I was. 

At the age of seven I began attending the School of Rock. This soon became my second home where I was surrounded by adults and children with the same love for music.  

A few months later I performed on stage for the first time, and with the sound of the applause, I found my home.  That same age, I had the opportunity to  perform at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.  
A couple of years later is when I learned how to play guitar, piano, bass, and drums, which overall helped me improve as a musician. At the age of fourteen, I was honored to be a part of the School of Rock National Allstars, where I got to play many venues around the country and at Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut. Years following I was able to play at the MoPop festival in Detroit and Lollapalooza in Chicago on three different occasions.